@Tabrasco Community Central

@Tabrasco is the safe place for international sports data to be stored. The SportAccord community, the Olympic Movement Calendar and the SportAccord statutes revision are among the first applications to be served by this platform.

As an individual:

  • You’ll sign up for your Personal Data Account @Tabrasco
  • You’re the exclusive owner of all your personal data and decide what data you share with whom
  • You can apply for and retire from communities
  • You’re sure that any element you delete from your entry, is actually erased from the @Tabrasco server

As an organisation:

  • You build your dedicated community
  • You chose existing and add specific community functions as per your needs
  • You embedd ad-hoc applications into your community
  • You divide your community into a free number of groups, with free configuration of each group

@Tabrasco community central:

  • Your personal message board
  • Your Tabrasco applications and communities at a glance
  • Your personal data and privacy settings
  • Your place for user feedback and support
  • Your news ticker
All electable individuals will be invited by e-mail to apply for their Personal Data Certificate @Tabrasco.
If you do not receive an invitation by the end of 2011, please let us know.