Info Tracking

Are you fit to take the right decisions at the right time?

All of us have experienced the dilemma between this basic rule of governance and the sometimes hard-necked facts of the real world. Information Tracking solutions made by Tabrasco help you and your organisation

  • to safe time
  • to bring the accurate information and knowledge together when they’re needed
  • to be smart and efficient

All Tabrasco software products are based on dedicated data modeling. In non-technical terms: our engineers listen to your ambitions and requirements first, then start developing the data matrix and creating the code.

Free test versions of all Tracking software products are available upon request (minimum 1 week, maximum 1 month).


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18 Nov2011

Testimonial: SportAccord Statutes Revision

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If you have ever experienced a statutes revision in your sports club, imagine this: to revise statutes of a world wide organisation with 105 member federations, and about as many cultural, economic and political contexts. This is SportAccord, the umbrella organisation of the International Sports Federations. The statutes revision takes place right now.
A first tentative [...]

9 Nov2011

Tabrasco works at IF Forum

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When the International Sports Federations meet at the IF Forum in Lausanne next week, Tabrasco will be among the virtual guests. At least three current software developments contribute to the latest governance initiatives inside the international sports community:

The SportAccord statutes revision platform provides all the member organisations around the globe with a smooth and smart [...]